International Art Gallery

Isabel Croxatto Galería, international art gallery, was founded in 2012 focused on emerging and established artists with national and international recognition.

Located in a residential building in the heart of the El Golf district in Santiago, the gallery centres its endeavours on presenting and promoting contemporary art from the south of the world, boosting the work of artists in Chile and abroad, contributing to the renovation of ways of art collecting, and opening new markets for contemporary art through collaboration with artists, curators, collectors, and public and private institutions.
Isabel Croxatto Galería develops a mediation program for new collectors based on the concept of Living with Art, generating a space that invites the audience to a dialogue with the artwork on a personal scale.
Along with its annual program of solo exhibitions, the gallery holds group shows through collaborative curatorships, creating crossovers between art and context. In addition, it takes part in renowned international contemporary art fairs, such as Art Central Hong Kong and Contemporary Istanbul, fostering innovative and avant-garde projects through global promotion.

In 2020, Isabel Croxatto Galería incorporated ICG+, a virtual exhibition space developed to host a program of exhibitions specially designed for an online experience, bringing the work of its artists to a worldwide audience.
The artists’ searches that Isabel Croxatto Galería’s curatorial project revolves around contemporary problems of the human condition, from the intimate and social body, from memory and archive, from the analogue and the digital. Inspired by figurative art, each of them, through different media, aesthetically proposes unique and challenging enquiries and responses that invite us to reflect on the times we live.

Isabel Croxatto Galería is a member of AGAC, Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of Chile, sponsored by SÍSMICA, sector brand for the Chilean visual arts, and ProChile, agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Chile for the promotion of Chilean industries abroad.