International Art Gallery

Isabel Croxatto Galería is an international contemporary art platform founded in Santiago in 2012 by Chilean performance researcher, choreographer and cultural manager Isabel Croxatto.
Through an annual programme of solo and group exhibitions, the gallery focuses its efforts on the presentation and promotion of contemporary art from the South of the World, promoting the work of emerging and mid-career artists in Chile and abroad, contributing to the circulation of contemporary Chilean art in the world, encouraging the creation of new ways of collecting, and opening up new markets for contemporary art through collaborations with artists, curators, collectors, and public and private institutions.
Isabel Croxatto Galería develops a mediation programme for new collectors based on the concept of Living with Art, creating a space that invites the public to dialogue with the artwork on a personal level.
In addition to its annual programme of solo exhibitions, the gallery organises group exhibitions through collaborative curatorship, creating crossovers between art and context. It also participates in prestigious international contemporary art fairs in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Miami, Mexico City, Lima, Santiago and Buenos Aires, promoting innovative and avant-garde projects through global promotion.
In 2020, Isabel Croxatto Galería launched ICG+, an innovative virtual exhibition space hosted on its website that combines architectural, cinematic and technological elements to create a digital artistic experience, promoting the decentralisation of artistic content and presenting contemporary Latin American artists to a local and global audience amid the pandemic. In 2022, it opened its second exhibition space in Santiago, LOCAL 2, dedicated to young artists and disruptive projects. Its commitment to the internationalisation of its artists led it to establish an international residency programme, LA EMBAJADA, in 2023, the first versions of which were developed in collaboration with Galería Nueva in Madrid.
The explorations of the artists who make up the curatorial project of Isabel Croxatto Galería revolve around current issues of the human condition, from the intimate and the social body, from memory and the archive, from the analogue and the digital. Inspired by figurative art, each of them proposes, through different media, unique and challenging aesthetic questions and answers that invite us to reflect on the times in which we live.
Isabel Croxatto Galería is a member of AGAC, the Association of Contemporary Art Galleries of Chile, and sponsored by SÍSMICA, a sector brand for Chilean visual arts.