Paloma Castillo Chilean, b. 1965

Paloma Castillo is a textile artist and editorial designer. Bachelor in Visual Arts from the ARCIS Institute in Santiago.

Paloma started her career as a designer, being part of the editorial teams of newspapers such as Fortín Mapocho, La Nación, Estrategia and Diario Financiero, among others, as well as publishing houses Metales Pesados, ARCIS, and LOM.

Her artistic creation is based on textile art and the practice of embroidery, dealing with issues that cross politics, technology, myth and modernity. Her production poses to the spectator the poetics of the return to the analogue object and the reflection of the making, in a context that is increasingly distant from craftsmanship.

The artist has exhibited individually and collectively since 2013, in important spaces within Chile, such as Galería de Arte Posada del Corregidor, Isabel Croxatto Galería, Espacio O and Galería PANAM in Santiago; and in spaces abroad, such as Galerie Des Petits Carreaux in Paris. In addition, she has participated in prominent international fairs, such as ArteBa in 2020 and Art Paris in 2019.

Paloma Castillo lives and works in Santiago.