Art Fairs | Another Fair ES, 30 September - 4 October 2020 

Isabel Croxatto Galería takes part in another fair es, European branch of otra feria, online art fair, with a solo show by young Argentinian artist Ulises Mazzucca, featuring a selection of drawings from his series Todo lo que sucedió en este último tiempo [Everything That Happened These Latter Times].


'Todo lo que sucedió en este último tiempo is a series of drawings that portray, as an intimate diary, personal experiences that occurred in a period of time.

'The small scenes are connected and disconnected from each other, mapping out a joint itinerary that is personally defined. The only possible route is the one made by the eye, in a capricious way. The texts reveal some objects. They compose phrases that are feelings or memories and that, spinning in an archaeological way, are recomposed and disordered again'.

Ulises Mazzucca