POSTESCUELA, el estado de las cosas: UDP Art School Graduates

7 - 24 September 2022
Alison Monsalve · Aracelly Amigo
Catalina Huala · Daniel Guajardo
Danitza Moya · Fabiola Arenas
Florencia Vásquez · Laett Aray
Lizbeth Geraldine · Matías Parra
Natalia Herrera · Pietro Fergnani

AfterSchool, the state of things

Isabel Croxatto Galería gathers the works of twelve 2021 graduates of the School of Art of the Diego Portales University, proposing a journey through the imaginary of a generation of artists who studied in the context of the unrest taking place in Chile since October 2019, as well as the confinement forced by the pandemic. 
The State of Things is the snapshot of a moment, a pause that allows us to take a closer look at what a creative process meant amid these historical events. These were events that brought, among other things, transformations in the methodologies and processes of creation and interaction with the world through screens and, particularly, causes that defined a way of relating to each other from isolation, intensifying inner reflections rushing within the four walls of a home, turning the self into a recurring question.
If a state is a possible name for a circumstance, things are concrete forms that substitute those words we do not know. This exhibition presents diverse ways of facing a limited present, where some daily questions - How are you? or How do you find yourself? - have become abysses of complex answers that take shape from material procedures, technical operations and sensitive forms.
Thus we could group these artworks according to the point of view in which an artist finds themselves in seclusion: when looking at the outside becomes a longing, a desire for the exterior, for its compositions and street forms; looking at the inside and revisiting the lost time of childhood, finding in it a mood where play prevents us from the possibility of failure; looking from the inside towards the intimacy of a family home, finding ways in its bonds, affections or the densities of its daily rituals; looking towards the edge and turn the ordinary days of confinement into an epic tale; and, finally, looking from the inside to further inside in order to attend to the urgency of the upright body in another kind of isolation, sharpening the radical gesture of turning the eyes, of inverting the gaze.
(Un)learning to look and rethinking one's artistic practice has been very relevant to articulating the fluidity of the state of things and the concrete of its necessary individual and collective transformations to imagine and activate the place we inhabit.


Andrea Jösch, Director
Camila Ramírez, Central Workshop Line Coordinator 
Bernardita Croxatto, Outreach Coordinator 
School of Art - Diego Portales University
September 2022
Curatorship: Isabel Croxatto  Nicolás de Sarmiento  Alejandro de la Fuente
Museographic Design:Daniel Aguayo/Specific Studio