Cocó Caballero Chilean, b. 1965

Cocó Caballero is a visual artist, Bachelor of Arts in Design, mention in Visual Communication, from the Universidad de Chile.

Her work, created mainly in oil on canvas or wood, revolves around the fears that appear in people's minds on a daily basis, flashes of dangerous situations or childhood fears, whether real or imaginary, coexisting with them. The characters that interact are the spectators themselves faced with the fears they feel. Claws sprout from their hands and feet to defend themselves, together with animal eyes and monster teeth. Teddy bears, therapeutic hobbies, or other harmless objects, and even body postures, are transformed into emotional support, into vigilantes of the subconscious.

Cocó has taken part in group exhibitions in galleries and institutions in Chile and abroad, including spaces such as the Embassy of Chile in the United States (Washington DC, United States), Centro Cultural Las Condes (Santiago), Isabel Croxatto Galería (Santiago), Aldo Castillo Gallery (FL, United States), and fairs such as Art Stgo and FAXXI (Chile), Spectrum Miami (USA) and The Other Art Fair (United Kingdom).

Cocó Caballero lives and works in Santiago, Chile.