Johans Peñaloza Chilean, b. 1989

Johans Peñaloza is a visual artist, Bachelor of Visual Arts from UNIACC University in Santiago, Chile.

With studies in painting, drawing, engraving, goldsmithing and ceramics, his work is developed mainly in the graphic and pictorial fields, gathering and abstracting images taken by him or archived from different digital media. The captured image is used as a model, which he replicates, through lines or pigment, as a tool to initiate a dialogue with an interlocutor, from which ideas emerge to signify and conclude the painting. In this way, the artist proposes painting as a tool to establish the phenomenon of the union between the public and the intimate, between the ideas of the other and his work, and between himself and his peers in their territory.

His work has been exhibited collectively at ARCIS University, UNIACC University, Taller Bloc, Sala de Arte CCU and Isabel Croxatto Galería, in Chile. His first solo exhibition, Ensamblajes Territoriales, was presented by Isabel Croxatto Galería at Galería Nueva in Madrid on June 2021.

Johans Peñaloza lives and works in Santiago.