Chiachio & Giannone Argentinian, b. 2003

Artistic duo Chiachio & Giannone is comprised by Leo Chiachio (Buenos Aires, 1969) and Daniel Giannone (Córdoba, Argentina, 1964), a couple both in art as in life, living and working together in Buenos Aires since 2003. Both of them have academic studies in painting, whereas they’ve decided to use textile art as the language to tell their story, embroidering as if they painted with needles and thread.


Their recent work consists of pieces made of domestic materials rescued from friends’ homes as well as their own, telling or bearing the recent story of their places of origin. By portraying themselves in the style of traditional family portraits, together with their children/pets, a trio of Dachshund dogs, Chiachio & Giannone subvert the current notions of family. Along with their exhibitions around the world, Chiachio & Giannone work with the local communities in the creation of collaborative pieces that celebrate diversity, blurring gender lines and questioning the way identities, especially LGBTQ+, have been presented by history.

Their project Celebrating Diversity was presented by the Museum of Latin American Art in Los Angeles (California) in 2019, an opportunity in which, together with 3,000 participants from the local community, they embroidered a 36.5-metre-long Pride flag, with which they led the 2022 Pride in Long Beach last July. Between January and March 2020, they participated in a residency and later exhibition at the Lux Institute in San Diego (California); while between February and April 2022, they presented their project Hope Will Never Be Silent at Transpalette - Centre d'Art Contemporain in Bourges (France). In 2019, together with Isabel Croxatto Galería, the artists presented Genio Doméstico, their first exhibition in Chile, during which the duo realised the collaborative activity Bordatón and donated a new piece to the Museo Violeta Parra in homage to the artist and those injured during the 18-O; while in January 2021 they curated the virtual exhibition CUIR on the gallery's ICG+ platform, which gathered the works of a constellation of 20 queer artists from all over the Americas.


Chiachio & Giannone live and work in Buenos Aires.