Andrea Wolf Chilean, b. 1979

Andrea Wolf is a Chilean-born interdisciplinary, Master in Documentary Filmmaking from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and in Digital Arts from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, with an MPA in Interactive Telecommunications from New York University.
Her work consists of ongoing research into the relationship between personal memory and cultural practices of remembering. Andrea creates multimedia installations that explore how technology, media and memory affect and transform each other, creating models of remembrance that are culturally shaped.
Working with an archive of found footage, with anonymous stories – she leaves an open space to be filled by the meaning that each of us brings to the artwork through our personal experience. The artist's installations are places in which memory becomes an action that is constantly actualized in the present, while recognizing a system in which the function of the past is not that of truth but of desire.
Andrea In 2013, she was a fellow at the Artist in the Marketplace Program at the Bronx Museum, culminating in the biennial exhibition “The Bronx Calling”. In 2015, she was an artist in residence at the IFP New York Media Center. She is currently a member at NEW INC, the New Museum’s incubator program.
Her work has been presented in galleries, museums, biennials and festivals around the world, as well as in digital collections and online platforms such as Spotify, ArtJaws and Electric Objects. Together with Isabel Croxatto Galería, she has participated in international contemporary art fairs such as Art Central (Hong Kong) - where in 2018 she was selected by curator Ying Kwok with the piece Future Past News -, Contemporary Istanbul (Turkey), and Pinta Miami (United States), among others.
Andrea Wolf currently lives and works in New York City, USA.