Cecilia Avendaño Chilean, b. 1980

Cecilia Avendaño is a Bachelor of Visual Arts, mention in Photography, by the Universidad de Chile. 

Her most recent work consists of photography-based digital post-production operations in which she deconstructs images in order to then compose new portraits that combine elements from different models, thus operating under the notion of the construction of identity, comprising the series Enfermedades Preciosas (2015-2019), e.Merge (2014-2015), Blow (2012), and PRIDE (2009).

Ms Avendaño released her first artist book, Enfermedades Preciosas, in June 2019, which showcases her acclaimed photographic series of the same name and details the work behind it, along with texts by curator Andrea Jösch, writer Rocío Cano, researcher Elisa McCausland, and art theoretician Sergio Rojas. In late 2019, Cecilia Avendaño presented her grand exhibition Enfermedades Preciosas, organised by Isabel Croxatto Galería at Sala de Arte CCU (Santiago), which gathered and presented her complete series to the audience for the first time.

Her works have been shown from 2002 in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Chile and around the world. Selected exhibitions include her solo shows at the Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts’ MNBA Plaza Trébol and MNBA Plaza Vespucio art rooms, BAC! Festival at MACBA (Barcelona), Borges Cultural Centre (Buenos Aires), and the Santa Cruz International Art Biennial (Bolivia), in addition to participations in national and international contemporary art fairs, such as Art Central Hong Kong, Contemporary Istanbul, Sydney Contemporary, Ch.ACO, and Art Lima, with Isabel Croxatto Galería.

Cecilia Avendaño lives and works in Santiago.