Coco González Lohse Chilean, b. 1965

Jorge “Coco” González Lohse is a visual artist, curator, editor and cultural manager, Bachelor of Arts with a mention in Painting from the Universidad de Chile.

His work has been exhibited since 1988 in 14 individual or bi-personal exhibitions and more than 170 group exhibitions, including envoys, biennials and competitions in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Spain.

Mainly dedicated to painting and sculpture, his work has been influenced by Neopop, German Expressionism, Metaphysical Painting, Conceptual Art, Surrealism, and Popular Graphics. His work deals with the issues of sublimation of the skin, revolving around the notions of "collective body" and "belonging", inquiring into the relationships between everyday life and vernacular images. In it, the absurd, the contradiction and the dreamlike are amalgamated in the search for a visual language connected to social criticism and humour.

The artist's work can be identified with the Revuelta Vitalista, Chilean movement comprised of a group of artists in the return to democracy in Chile in the early 1990s, who were linked in specific instances, but later left this scene to set their own narrative linked to heterogeneous aesthetic expressions that draw their inspiration from punk and rock, comics, fashion, new wave and neo-hippie.

In parallel to his artistic work, Coco has taught at various art faculties in Chile, in addition to his labour as a curator and editor of the artistic research books Cambio de Aceite (2003), Revisión Técnica (2010), Sub30 (2014) and Los Dominios Perdidos (2019), among others, as well as being co-founder of several art spaces and platforms.

His work is in public and private collections in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany.

Coco González Lohse lives and works in Santiago.