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News | Córdoba, Argentina

Isabel Croxatto Galería takes part in EL PASTO DEL VECINO / PATRIA NO LUGAR V, virtual summit of sociopolitical art and current ideas, organised by Ambos Mundos * Arte Actual and Esaa Unquillo, and curated by E.M. Saubidet.

As part of its participation, Isabel Croxatto Galería shares for the very first time in its social media the videoperformance Capital y Justicia by artist Juvenal Barría, created during the artist-in-residence programme Alberdi Residencia in Cordoba, Argentina, in August 2019.


'La Martuca crosses the Andes towards the centre of Argentina to begin a new sanitation process. (…) With her body covered in rags, she moves through constructed scenarios that house a tense symbolic capital: justice and the economy.
'Through the gesture, she reveals the condescension and disparity of society about the untold story, about the broken and the corrupt. Barría diverts his gaze towards what exists on the precipice of our consciousness, reminding us that we are made of fragments of collective memory'.
Mercedes López Moreyra, August 2019.⁣

'Capital y Justicia is a work that I developed in Cordoba, Argentina, in 2019 in the context of the artistic residency Alberdi Residencia, in collaboration with Esaa Unquillo and Isabel Croxatto Galería. On that occasion, after a tour of the city, I managed to perceive a certain urban behaviour, reiterated architectural landmarks in different important cities, whose load and significance reveal a common system.
⁣'The first milestone is linked to Capital, with the Capital Towers, very similar in context to the Costanera Center in Santiago, a milestone that is positioned as an example within the collective imagination regarding financial capital and consumption.⁣
'The other landmark is the Palace of Justice of the City of Córdoba, whose architectural model, classic and imposing, is also repeated in other territories, standing as a space of respect and trust. Today we see how these structures are modified, they fall and their senses change. In my action I try to reflect that change through an act of cleansing the past'.
Juvenal Barría, July 2020.⁣


22 July 2020