Juvenal Barría co-curates group show with artists from Valparaíso

News | Santiago, Chile

Our represented artist Juvenal Barría, together with art collector and curator Felipe Forteza, co-curates EMERGE: Arte Contemporáneo del Puerto, group show featuring works by 14 visual artists from Valparaíso, whom through different techniques deal with issues, imaginaries, problematics and aesthetics related to the production and development of artistic practices in their city.

Aside from his role as co-curator, Juvenal presents two pieces from his series Ficciones Exteriores III.

Felipe Forteza co-curated, with gallery director Isabel Croxatto, Juvenal's solo show INFILTRADAX in Isabel Croxatto Galería, for which he was awarded the Best Exhibition Prize at Gallery Weekend Santiago in 2018.

EMERGE: Arte Contemporáneo del Puerto is presented at CV Galería's Secret Gallery in Santiago, until 24 March.
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1 March 2021