Francisco Uzabeaga | Espurias

Virtual Exhibition | Santiago, Chile

Our represented artist Francisco Uzabeaga presents Espurias [Spurious], virtual solo exhibition produced by Sala de Arte CCU in collaboration with Isabel Croxatto Galería.

Espurias features 11 hyperrealistic large-format oil paintings created between 2008 and 2019, in which the artist takes stills from the 'saturated' 1950s cinema and photomontages taken from misprinted magazines that inspired him during his childhood as references. His proposal is a play on these images, where the ink misplacement, the mismatches, and their positions in contrast to the original are common elements of the mass media of that time, when the printed image is far from the original.

'I think it's incredible and fascinating how a child's memory and imagination can fill in those empty spaces of information, even magnifying something like that. These images that are considered as 'spurious', through creative work, I elevate them to an auratic work', Francisco Uzabeaga explains.

The curatorial text for the exhibition was written by Chilean curator Gonzalo Pedraza.

Espurias by Francisco Uzabeaga is available everywhere online with free access at until 8 January 2021.

2 December 2020
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