Isabel Croxatto Galería Presents Its Renewed Virtual Gallery


Isabel Croxatto Galería, international platform for contemporary art based in Santiago, Chile, is pleased to present the renewed 3D architecture for its virtual gallery space, ICG+, furthering its innovation program in the presentation of contemporary art online.


The new 3D architecture transforms our online gallery into a travelling pavilion located in the virtual representation of the different landscapes of Chile, giving a geographical context to the vision of our young and emerging artists, inspired by these territories.


Each exhibition will be set within a different natural panorama, from the desert in the north to the lush forests in central Chile and the glaciers in the extreme south, offering a glimpse of our unique and diverse environment to a global audience. Lovesong by young Chilean artist Wladymir Bernechea is the inaugural exhibition of this new feature, presented in our new virtual pavilion located within a digital representation of the Atacama Desert.




In this regard, gallery director Isabel Croxatto comments: "In 2020, our motto for ICG+ was to be wherever you wanted us to be, and so our artists and exhibitions travelled the world, reaching audiences in the five continents through our virtual gallery. Now we keep on travelling, but taking our incredible geography with us as well."


The renewed virtual space was developed by the Chilean interdisciplinary collective, founded by the architect Max Olivares and the cinematographer and 3D developer Cucho Olivares, together with the work of the Chilean designer Patricio Vallejos and our gallery team; and co-financed by ProChile, Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ agency for the promotion of Chilean industries abroad.


In April 2020, amid the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic that changed the way people relate to their surroundings globally, Isabel Croxatto Galería presented El Turista, exhibition by the established Chilean artist Coco González Lohse - the first to be produced 100% digitally in Chile -, giving way to a new approach to the exhibition format in a virtual replica of our physical gallery. 


Later, in September 2020, Isabel Croxatto Galería went beyond, presenting ICG+, a virtual gallery with four exhibition rooms developed by to host a programme specially designed for an online experience. ICG+ was launched with the exhibition After Nature by the New York-based Chilean artist Andrea Wolf and co-financed with the support of ProChile. The launching event included the participation of Isabel Croxatto, gallery founder and director; Jorge O'Ryan, ProChile General Director; and Germán Rocca, Trade Commissioner at ProChile Miami, in addition to the artist.

26 April 2021
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