Paloma Castillo and Isabel Croxatto Galería are highlighted in Vogue Hong Kong

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Vogue Hong Kong highlights Isabel Croxatto Galería's participation in Art Central 2021, the international art fair that in its 2021 edition will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20 to 23 May.


The world-famous lifestyle publication features in its online edition the piece Identificado by the Chilean textile artist Paloma Castillo, presented by Isabel Croxatto Galería at the on-site exhibition Here/There arranged by the curatorial director of the fair, André Chan.


In addition to Here/There, Isabel Croxatto Galería is featured in Art Central Capsule, the fair's own unique and dedicated platform for viewing and selling art online, available now at and in Artsy.


Find the complete article here (in Chinese) and an English translation below. 


Isabel Croxatto Galería takes part in Art Central 2021 with the support of ProChile, agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile for the promotion of Chilean industries abroad.




Art Central 2021 will hold multiple exhibition areas and a new online platform to gather the works of internationally renowned artists


Entering the May art season, there is another art event: Art Central. This year, the fair will continue to gather new talents from the most innovative galleries in Asia, new concepts and exhibition areas, bringing outstanding artists a platform to shine.


By Karma Cheung


The annual Hong Kong art event, Art Central, announced its return. Instead of landing on the Central Waterfront in March, it was postponed to May this year and moved to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to be held together with Art Basel Hong Kong. Since the first exhibition in 2015, Art Central has been committed to gathering the most innovative galleries in Asia, showcasing the creations of international artists, and injecting art into Hong Kong. Gathering the works of galleries and artists from all over the world, Art Central has contributed to consolidating the position of Hong Kong as the core of contemporary Asian art.


As a city with a fusion of Chinese and Western cultures, Hong Kong has its unique cultural atmosphere. The 6th edition of Art Central sets up unique Cantonese names for each exhibition area: Chung Dim, meaning "the centre point", is the main sector of the fair, as it presents top galleries from all over the world, including Karin Weber Gallery, Whitestone Gallery and LEE & BAE. Gwo Wai, a concept derived from Cantonese opera, is designed for three artists to work together based on the idea of the actors' position on the stage.


The sculpture and installation project Yi Tai adheres to the principle of expressing the same concept in different forms and specialises in displaying large-scale installations and space art, including avant-garde works and new media art. The solo exhibition sector Duk Dak, a common Cantonese phrase meaning "individually special", presents the works of emerging artists and established masters.


Under the curatorship of the curatorial director André Chan, this year will also present a newly established commercial group exhibition area, Here/There. The curator has selected artworks from galleries around the world, including Artemis Fine Art, Isabel Croxatto Galería, Suomi Gallery and Zemack Contemporary Art. In addition, Art Central's educational partner Asia Association Hong Kong Centre will present a programme titled Gok Dou ("angle") to continue the discussion of art issues in depth. Art Central Capsule, a new online platform, allows collectors and art lovers to visit the exhibition virtually, regardless of location, where can enjoy creative art anytime, anywhere.



18 May 2021
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