Isabel Croxatto Takes Part in National Visual Arts Day Online Conversation

Event | Santiago, Chile

On the occasion of the celebration of the Visual Arts Day in Chile, gallery director Isabel Croxatto will be part of the online event How Has the Visual Arts Sector Changed Through the Pandemic and What is its Future?, a conversation organised by the Economías Creativas platform of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage of Chile.
The conversation will be streamed live on 28 September at 19.00h (Santiago), conducted by the artist and researcher Paula Salas and featuring the artist Guillermo Lorca; María Irene Alcalde, Director at the Museum of Visual Arts (MAVI); Alessandra Burotto, curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC); and Isabel Croxatto.
The participants will discuss artistic processes during the pandemic, the transformations galleries and new spaces have experienced, the emergence of new platforms and technologies, and the behaviour of audiences and their approach to art in the current context.
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Watch the conversation below (in Spanish).

23 September 2021
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