Carolina Muñoz and Paloma Castillo Featured in Group Show at MAC Santiago

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Our represented artists Carolina Muñoz and Paloma Castillo are featured in the group exhibition Voces Desde la Galería (Voices From the Gallery), curated by Inés Ortega-Márquez (Spain, 1946) and presented at the Santiago Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) as part of Isabel Croxatto Galería's participation in the 12th edition of the art fair Ch.ACO.
Voces Desde la Galería includes artworks by 34 artists from the 17 galleries of the Main section of Ch.ACO, in a collaboration between Chile Arte Contemporáneo and the museum affiliated to the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad de Chile, "in a bold proposal to connect the Museum with the Market and highlight the virtuous role of galleries and fairs, introducing and promoting the work of first-class artists".

The pieces Cromas by Carolina Muñoz and Deidad by Paloma Castillo are displayed in room 12 of the MAC Parque Forestal, as part of a space that addresses social processes, cultural phenomena and recent history along with the chimerical, the poetic and the political, in dialogue with works by great masters such as Roberto Matta and Oswaldo Vigas.
Voces desde la Galería can be visited in rooms 12 and 13 of MAC Parque Forestal (Ismael Vergara Valdés 506, Santiago) from Tuesday to Friday from 11.00 to 16.00h, and Saturdays from 11.00 to 17.30h, from 17 until 28 November.


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Voices from the Gallery: Ch.ACO at MAC

By Inés Ortega-Márquez


This year's edition of Ch.ACO inaugurates an alliance with the Museum of Contemporary Art, intending to connect the market and the museum space. It is a bold and necessary proposal, which intends to contribute to the recognition of the virtuous role of galleries in the promotion and creation of links between artists and the public and collectors who acquire their works, and in the circulation of contemporary art.

By placing their artists at the very centre of the white temple, sharing and demystifying the traditional museum roles of exhibition, heritage conservation and art promotion, we expand the space, democratising it and giving way to a new territory of dialogue in which the economy of art makes its path to new audiences, and favours the consolidation of a less segmented art scene, in which we can no longer speak of gallery artists and museum artists, but of Art - with a capital 'A' - and of new challenges that stress the uncertain and liquid future we all face.

The curatorial proposal is based on this premise, in a regional identity crossed by the influence of the multiculturalism of our South, gathering the critical reflection on the region and the contemporary problems of the Southern Cone of the American continent, from the experience of our artists.

For years, their production has been a premonition of some of the social ills and the deterioration of the planet that afflicts us today, and in recent months they have been immersed in a global pandemic, with an impact on health and personal freedoms. A new rigid and restrictive way of life has imposed social alienation and withdrawal from the spaces of production. But nothing has been able to overcome the creative impulse, the development of critical thinking, the persevering dialogue with adversity itself, the search for new languages, the experimentation of materials, the recognition of the intimate body and the exploration of the social body.

The heterogeneity of themes, languages and formal solutions handled by this group of artists from our section of MAIN Galleries participating in the exhibition at the MAC, brings us face to face with the perception of the new interests that at present detonate imagination and creativity, ranging from the search for healing, the love of humankind or the acceptance of the other, to irrational denial or the tension provoked by the rebellion of the body.

16 November 2021
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