Isabel Croxatto Galería opened LOCAL 2, its new exhibition space, with Once Upon A Happy Land by Víctor Castillo

News | Santiago, Chile

Last Saturday, 28 May, Isabel Croxatto Galería hosted the official opening of LOCAL 2, its new exhibition space in Santiago. The first show to launch its parallel programme of exhibitions and projects was Once Upon A Happy Land by the world-renowned Chilean artist Víctor Castillo.


With a turnout of collectors, friends of the gallery and art enthusiasts, gallery director Isabel Croxatto and Víctor Castillo raised the curtain to unveil the new exhibition to the audience in attendance.


In addition to his new series of acrylic ink paintings on paper that explore the advertising and propaganda poster format with narratives about the ambivalence of human nature, the artist intervened in the window of LOCAL 2 with an illustration, surrounded by a red neon light, creating a new mood for the exhibition.


LOCAL 2 is Isabel Croxatto Galería's new exhibition space in Santiago, located a few steps away from the main gallery and inserted within the local commerce of the El Golf district, including hair salons, barbershops, laundromats, and bazaars. LOCAL 2 will host a parallel programme focused on young and disruptive projects and exhibitions, performing a displacement from the concept "Living with Art" of its mother space into a new avant-garde atmosphere in dialogue with its surrounding.


Isabel Croxatto Galería | LOCAL 2 is open to the public from Mondays to Fridays, from 3 pm to 7 pm, at San Crescente 72, Las Condes, Santiago.



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30 May 2022
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