Victor Castillo | Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Artist Book
Victor Castillo, 2021

Dimensions: 32,4 x 32,4 cm

Pages: 192

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is the long-awaited and definitive guide to the world-renowned Chilean artist Victor Castillo

Released on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Val Kilmer's HelMel Studio & Gallery in Los Angeles, Somewhere Over the Rainbow features over 230 images of artworks created by Victor Castillo during the past 15 years, organised into 13 thematic chapters covering the artist's astounding career.

The monograph, a 192-page deluxe coffee table book with a full-colour dust-jacket, includes a foreword by Val Kilmer, as well as texts by gallerists Merry Karnowsky and Kirsten Anderson, curator Miguel A. Lopez, art director Monte Beauchamp, and gallery director Tom Stratton. Edited by Ethel Seno, former editor at TASCHEN and freelance designer.


Available for purchase at Isabel Croxatto Galería in Santiago or by email at



Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Víctor Castillo

192 pages, hardback. 

Words by Kirsten Anderson, Monte Beauchamp, Merry Karnowsky, Val Kilmer, Miguel A. López and Tom Stratton.

Language: English.

Dimensions: 32.4 x 32.4 cm.

Weight: 2.26 Kg.

Includes a gift tote bag.



Printed by Acuprint in Los Angeles, CA.

Published by HelMel Studios in April 2021, in Los Angeles, CA.


Copyright © 2021 Victor Castillo and HelMel Studios

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