Víctor Castillo | Hollywood Dreams

Short Film
4 May 2018

The impetus for artist Victor Castillo’s work is told in a 6 minutes short film.

Castillo invites us into his self-described 'strange hybrid world', where his unconventional past brings him to distinctive artistic conclusions. All of Castillo’s paintings shown in the film are animated, expanding the story inside each piece of artwork. The animation of Castillo's still work takes us further into his imagination, adding a visually distinguishing and active component to the film. The video format becomes a new canvas, pushing the boundaries of expression never before explored by the artist. Additional techniques including 3D integration over live action were used to create this dynamic and unique short documentary.


Víctor Castillo: Hollywood Dreams, 2018
Produced by Loica (Santiago, Chile) and Barefoot Productions (Los Angeles, CA).
Directed by Matías Rivera and Pedro Pablo Celedón.