CUIR | Curated by Chiachio & Giannone: Virtual Group Exhibition

25 January - 18 March 2021

Argentinean artists Chiachio & Giannone —world-renowned for their textile work— have been invited by Isabel Croxatto, director of the gallery, to curate a group exhibition. The proposal is centered on the queer universe and gathers 20 artists from different perspectives and territories. CUIR is the Spanish term adopted as the exhibition´s title to convoke notions of family and affections. With practices in embroidery, photography, drawing, painting, video, and performance, the different artists engage in a dialogue based on transversally, generational crossing, and language experimentation, in a virtual staging that blends the domestic as well as playfulness and reality, in times of a necessary common encounter.


Aaron McIntosh | Catalina Schliebener | Chiachio & Giannone | Cristina Coll | Curtis Putralk | Federico Casalinuovo | Franco Melhose | Gabriel García Román | Joey Terrill | John Thomas Paradiso | Juvenal Barría | Matías de la Guerra | Marino Balbuena | Max Colby | Paloma Castillo | Rebecca Levi | Rodrigo Mogiz | Rodri & Lenny | Rubén Esparza | Sebastián Calfuqueo.