Festín de Arte #20: Group Show | Hotel Bidasoa

17 November - 16 December 2018

Isabel Croxatto Galería presents Festín de Arte #20a special edition of its series of group shows, this time taking over Hotel Bidasoa in Santiago as part of Ch.ACO 2018 programme Ch.ACO en la Calle.

The exhibition, curated by Isabel Croxatto and interior designer Hugo Grisanti, features selected artworks by Andrea LeríaAxel Ríos, Camilo YáñezCarlos GallardoCecilia Avendaño, and Juvenal Barría, gathering painting, photography, sculpture and performance.


Meet the Artists | Join us in a dialogue between audience, artist and artwork, where we'll talk about their creative process and everything that surrounds their work.


17 December: Artists Carlos Gallardo, Cecilia Avendaño and Juvenal Barría dialogue with Isabel Croxatto, Andrea Sanz and Hugo Grisanti.