La Fuga de Psique | Cocó Caballero: LOCAL 2

10 - 31 August 2022
Through oil on canvas, wood and paper, Cocó Caballero presents dreamlike stories of experiences linked to fears and phobias developed in childhood but which, from the confines of the subconscious, appear as flashes in adult life. 
With a naïve aesthetic, the artist paints girls and women from which sharp teeth and large claws emerge, acting as defence mechanisms in situations of irrational fear. In some cases, transitional objects, such as teddy bears carrying firearms, are transformed into emotional props, like a sort of subconscious watchmen. The use of light and vivid shades contrast with accents of strong colours, generating a counterbalance that lightens and gives a playful dimension to her compositions.
On the other hand, scenes of everyday activities, such as kneading bread, embroidering or sharing with the family, are presented as spaces of calm and tranquillity that allow us to cope with the ups and downs of life. These are themes that the artist has developed over the last few years through her series Miedos [Fears] and Terapias [Therapies], which she further explores in La Fuga de Psique [The Flight of Psyche]. As in Greek mythology, Psyche emerges from Hades, Cocó Caballero's characters begin to face their fears.