Chiachio & Giannone present Paradise in Los Angeles, CA

News | Los Angeles, USA

Our represented artists Chiachio & Giannone present Paradise, solo exhibition that will be on view from 2 through 30 July 2022 at Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.


Paradise features a series of elaborate hand-embroidered pieces in which the duo presents themselves along with their children/pets, a trio of Dachshunds - Piolín, Bettina and La Dorado -, in festive settings. Leo Chiachio and Daniel Giannone's work celebrates family, love and life while creating scenes on canvases that reveal their extraordinary perseverance and irreverence in choosing unconventional materials. They reuse older textiles that they acquire on their many travels. In doing so, the old becomes new, and from routine, the artists have built their own paradise stitch by stitch.


Congratulations, Leo and Daniel!

23 June 2022
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