Coco González Lohse is featured in the group show Las Formas del Caos

News | Asunción, Paraguay
Our represented artist Coco González Lohse is part of the group exhibition Las Formas del Caos at the Museo del Barro in Asunción, Paraguay.
Curated by the Canarian artist Francis Naranjo with the assistance of Coco González Lohse, Las Formas del Caos gathers a series of artworks by 20 South American artists. The exhibition reflects upon two opposite elements - chaos and order - through a contemporary artistic language that includes paintings, photographs, objects and installations.
The curators explain: "This duality of chaos and balance coexists with us throughout our lifetime. We are often involved in circumstances that seem to lead us into chaotic situations. For instants, life seems to put us in front of critical moments, stages that at times seem to be insurmountable. It is then when we must look for an axis to guide us, that inner (outer) path which, little by little, brings us back to an equilibrium."
"Through this exhibition, a group of artists gather to explore the idea of 'chaos and order', terms that - through artistic experimentation - will take on different meanings than the established norms of law and order. This artistic exercise is aided by the idea of chaos as the becoming of the universe through entropy, a law that helps us to think about arbitrariness," they add.

Artists: Víctor Hugo Bravo (Chile), Eduardo Caballero (Canary Islands, Spain), Fredi Casco (Paraguay), Juan Castillo (Chile/Sweden), Marcos Figueroa (Argentina), Nelson Garrido (Venezuela), Coco González Lohse (Chile), Antonio Guzmán (Chile), Pamela Iglesias (Argentina/Chile), Klaudia Kemper (Brazil/Chile), Marcos López (Argentina), Brian Mackern (Uruguay), Francis Naranjo and Carmen Caballero (Canary Islands), Pablo Núñez (Chile), Bernardo Oyarzún (Chile), Joaquín Sánchez (Paraguay/Bolivia), Mauricio Toro-Goya (Chile) and Liliana Zapata (Bolivia).

Las Formas del Caos will be on view at the Museo del Barro in Asunción from 2 July through 30 August 2022.
4 July 2022
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