Andrea Wolf and Angélica Negrón discuss After Nature for New Latin Wave x Billboard Latin

Interview | New York City, USA

Our represented artist Andrea Wolf and Puerto Rican composer Angélica Negrón took part in a conversation with New York-based Chilean musician Sokio for New Latin Wave, platform for Latinx arts and culture, as part of their collaboration with Billboard Latin within the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Billboard Latin Music Week.

Andrea and Angélica discussed with Sokio on their own creative process, and their collaboration for the exhibition After Nature, presented virtually by Isabel Croxatto Galería.


'My particular relationship with nature is more of a contemplative admiration from afar. I would like to be more of an outdoors person, I'm not that comfortable in nature, but I do appreciate it. I do appreciate this aesthetic idea about nature, about landscapes, the outdoors, that is informed in many ways by the images we consume about nature. I started thinking about that, and how can I represent the mediation, the technologies involved in creating and producing a circulation of the images of nature and landscapes. They are informing our way of knowing the world. It all started to make sense. These are very aestheticised - and I would say beautiful - images, but, at the same time, they're broken images  which is also, I think, something that we have to acknowledge in our relationship with our environment, as well'. 

—Andrea Wolf


Watch the full conversation below! [in English, no subtitles]

19 October 2020
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