Coco González Lohse featured in "Los Dominios Recuperados"

Exhibition | Guayaquil, Ecuador

Our represented artist Coco González Lohse is part of the group exhibition Los Dominios Recuperados (Revuelta Vitalista) [The Recovered Dominions (Vitalist Revolt)], presented at the Nahím Isaías Museum in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The exhibition, organised by Cuban-German curator Dermis León, opened on 11 November after having been rescheduled from March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It features a selection of works in painting, installation, photography, video, documentaries, and silkscreens, gathering for the first time a relevant group of Chilean artists formed in the 1980s and 1990s, in a movement named by the curator as Revuelta Vitalista [Vitalist Revolt].

Los Dominios Recuperados offers a current perspective of the contemporary Chilean art scene, while contextualising and dialoguing with their Ecuadorian and Paraguayan peers, promoting a cultural dialogue between the countries of the region. The exhibition was originally presented at the Museum of Visual Arts (MAVI) in Santiago in early 2019 under the name of Los Dominios Perdidos [The Lost Dominions], with great audience success and raving reviews.

Along with the works of Coco González Lohse, the group show also features pieces by Carlos Araya ‘Carlanga’, Víctor Hugo Bravo, Ciro Beltrán, Rodrigo Cabezas, Klaudia Kemper, Sebastián Leyton, Claudia Peña, Malu Stewart, Mario Soro, Bruna Truffa, Enrique Zamudio, Paula Zegers, Max Donoso, Jorge Brantmayer, and Luis Navarro.

After its stop in Ecuador, ending in late December, the group show is stated to be presented at the Centro de Artes Visuales Museo del Barro in Asunción, Paraguay, and at the Centro Cultural Matta in Buenos Aires, Argentina, during 2021. 

Los Dominios Recuperados (Revuelta Vitalista) is presented with the support of DIRAC, Direction of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile, and the Consulate of Chile in Guayaquil.

19 November 2020
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