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Are you ready to hit the dance floor?⁣

Isabel Croxatto Galería is proud to present CUIR, virtual group exhibition curated by Chiachio & Giannone, available everywhere with free access starting 13 January in its virtual space ICG+ at

CUIR gathers a transgenerational constellation of 20 artists revolving around the queer universe, a concept taken not only from non-heteronormative affections, but also from the unconventional use of materiality and representation.




Featured Artists
Aaron McIntosh (United States) • Catalina Schliebener (Chile/United States) • Chiachio & Giannone (Argentina) • Cristina Coll (Argentina) • Curtis Putralk (Chile/France) • Federico Casalinuovo (Argentina) • Franco Mehlhose (Argentina) • Gabriel García Román (Mexico/United States) • Joey Terrill (United States) • John Thomas Paradiso (United States) • Juvenal Barría (Chile) • Matías de la Guerra (Argentina) • Marino Balbuena (Argentina) • Max Colby (United States) • Paloma Castillo (Chile) • Rebecca Levi (United States) • Rodrigo Mogiz (Brazil) • Rodri & Lenny (Uruguay/Argentina) • Rubén Esparza (United States) • Sebastián Calfuqueo (Chile)



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Virtual Experience:

ICG+ is a project co-financed by ProChile, agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile for the promotion of Chilean industries abroad.

4 January 2021
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