CUIR | Online Opening with Chiachio & Giannone and Isabel Croxatto

Opening | Santiago, Chile

Last night we were part of the Online Opening on Instagram Live of our latest virtual exihibtion, CUIR | Curated by Chiachio & Giannone, featuring an interesting conversation between Leo Chiachio, Daniel Giannone, and gallery director Isabel Croxatto, who discussed their new collaboration and the work of the 20 Latin and North American artists that comprise the exhibition.

CUIR gathers a transgenerational constellation of creators revolving around the queer universe, a concept taken not only from non-heteronormative affections, but also from the unconventional use of materiality and representation.

Visit CUIR | Curated by Chiachio & Giannone here.


Find the full conversation below! [in Spanish].


14 January 2021
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