Cocó Caballero Wins the 5th Lo Barnechea Visual Arts Contest

News | Santiago, Chile

Our represented artist Cocó Caballero was awarded the First Prize at the 5th Lo Barnechea Visual Arts Contest held in Santiago. This edition of the contest revolved around the current pandemic and how it has affected people.

The winning piece by Cocó Caballero is named Marcada [Marked] and was painted by her after recovering from a harsh battle with COVID-19.

In this regard, the artist reflects:


'Marcada is the result of how I and many other people feel today after having to be ill with COVID-19 and the long-term effects of the disease in their bodies.

I represent the refuge during the hardest days of the illness in the contemplation of a plant, representing a bit of nature, which served as a calming element for me.

The rebelliousness I felt when questioning why I had it or it had happened to me, and facing the fact that I will never feel the same as before, is represented by piercings and tattoos.

The state of my subconscious represented by the bear that is present in many of my works as a vigilante character, but now he is still and tired, as I was.'


The contest was curated by Chilean author and art journalist Marilú Ortiz de Rozas. 

Congratulations on this award and your recovery, Cocó!

22 January 2021
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