Coco González Lohse presents La Tierra Prometida at Estudio Caffarena

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Our represented artist Coco González Lohse presents his solo exhibition La Tierra Prometida at Estudio Caffarena's new Sala LEVE in collaboration with Isabel Croxatto Galería, in Santiago's traditional district of Barrio Yungay.

The exhibition is the second instalment of the artist's ongoing project La Tierra Prometida, gathering a series of small and large format paintings, sculptures and installations that explore the land to come. Its first part was presented by Isabel Croxatto Galería at Galería Nueva in Madrid last June.

"We live in a historical moment in which time has acquired multiple speeds; in which social, religious, economic, political, ethical and aesthetic issues have taken on new energies that make us live in a utopian and dystopian state at the same time", Coco González says.
"We are part of a world that we have populated with images and words, where dreams, hopes and projects have been in constant crisis and change", the artist comments. "I look at the future with my painting from that place. For me, it continues to be a witness of its time. I am looking for austere, small, travel paintings as if to remember what must be remembered".
"The pieces that form the La Tierra Prometida project have the dual intention of denouncing and presenting, bearing witness to the energies that keep us alert and the yearnings we want to fulfil. Although my paintings are landscapes or memories of them from my travels throughout Chile, I don't know whether these are real, imagined or dreamed. They have the light of a timeless time, frozen in its instant, that constantly questions not what's unfulfilled, but rather interrogates what we will do with and on our planet, living with us," he concludes.


Visit La Tierra Prometida by Coco González Lohse from 2 to 28 September, Monday to Friday between 11am and 8pm, at Sala LEVE in Estudio Caffarena (Cueto 370, Santiago).
Schedule your visit: +56 9 3025 0015


2 – 28 | September

Sala LEVE | Estudio Caffarena
Cueto 370, Barrio Yungay – Santiago




 Video and photos: Luis Navarro.

2 September 2021
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