Víctor Castillo and Cecilia Avendaño Featured in Tatau, exhibition about Tattoos

News | Santiago, Chile

Our represented artists Cecilia Avendaño and Víctor Castillo take part in the group exhibition TATAU. El Arte en la Piel, presented at the Centro Cultural Las Condes in Santiago until 23 January.


The show, curated by cultural manager Verónica Besnier, explores the practice of tattooing in the world from a historical, anthropological and artistic perspective, gathering photographs, sculptures, illustrations and original pieces from pre-Hispanic, Polynesian and African cultures.


The exhibition takes its name from the Maori term "tatau", which originated the word tattoo and refers to different things, from the sound of tools striking the skin to respect or duty.


Among the artworks on show are four images from the series Sweeter than Roses by Víctor Castillo and a digital photomontage from the series PRIDE by Cecilia Avendaño, which are displayed alongside pieces by international artists such as Robert Doisneau and Wim Delvoye, who has shocked the art world by presenting Tim, a Tunisian man whose back was tattooed by the artist, becoming a living work of art.


As part of the exhibition, the film The Man Who Sold His Skin, nominated for Best Foreign Film at the latest Academy Awards, will be shown.


TATAU. El Arte de la Piel is sponsored by the embassies of France and Belgium, in collaboration with Isabel Croxatto Galería, and can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10.30 am to 6.45 pm at the Centro Cultural Las Condes (Apoquindo 6570, Las Condes) with free admission and upon presentation of a Mobility Pass.

6 December 2021
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