CUIR | "Black leather and pink silk"

Rodrigo Castillo, Las Últimas Noticias | Santiago, Chile, 24 January 2021

Popular Chilean newspaper Las Últimas Noticias features our latest virtual exhibition, CUIR | Curated by Chiachio & Giannone presented online by Isabel Croxatto Galería, in today's edition.

The publication is available today in all newsagents in Chile, and can be read online for free here (in Spanish).

Find an English translation excerpt below.



Virtual exhibition at Isabel Croxatto Galería

Black Leather and Pink Silk Go Hand in Hand in Stimulating Group Show


Photography, drawing, painting, video and performance are some of the disciplines included in CUIR, exhibition in which twenty artists address concepts such as sexual dissidence and playful homoeroticism.


Linked beards. Chiachio & Giannone, the renowned Argentinean artists who are a couple in life and in art, were the curators of the show. In the set, they included their own pictorial-textile creations, in which the artists themselves are shown bathing together and letting their beards intertwine.

Fruit of the season. As the curators of the show explained, the word "cuir" alludes to the English term "queer", an adjective that was first used to ridicule the gay community and was later adopted by the same community to convey an attitude of pride and resistance.
Among the emblematic works in the exhibition is a large format photograph in which Argentinean artist Franco Mehlhose captured a banana emerging from a pink silk wrapper. The author has worked with this idea before, in suggestive installations in which he used real fruit and fabrics.


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