Chiachio & Giannone | Bordatón 2019

Short Documentary
2 March 2020

In the context of their exhibition Genio Doméstico at Isabel Croxatto Galería, the Argentinean artistic duo Chiachio & Giannone invited the community to be part of a new edition of Bordatón, a participative activity in which the attendees work collectively on the piece Avistaje, an installation consisting of a series of embroidered birds as a metaphor for freedom and community.

Between 22 and 24 November 2019, the gardens of Isabel Croxatto Galería were the place for an encounter, dialogue and reflection through the medium of embroidery.

Along with the Bordatón, Leo Chiachio, Daniel Giannone and Cynthia Francica, PhD in Comparative Literature and expert in gender issues, who wrote the curatorial text of the exhibition, shared a conversation regarding embroidery, artistic constellations and historically gender-assigned activities, as well as guided visits with the artists.