7 - 30 October 2020

After Nature reflects on our hypermediated relationship with nature, and how it has been heightened during the pandemic. Featuring 23 digitally manipulated botanical illustrations, the work explores how technology mediates the creation and circulation of images that inform how we see and know nature. Each species is affected by a pixel sorting algorithm resulting in artificial and unstable variations that challenge an aestheticized idea of nature as something that can be dominated, classified, and possessed. Both the original plants and their representations reveal themselves as yet another composite, an ever-changing landscape of shape and form.


In collaboration Puerto Rican experimental composer Angélica Negrón has created estela, a unique soundscape inspired by Andrea's series After Nature, that incorporates field recordings from the Toro Negro forest in Puerto Rico with found sounds controlled by a MIDI Sprout device that converts the biorhythms of the plants into music. 


Chilean Academic and poet Macarena Urzúa wrote the exhibition's curatorial text.