Festín de Arte N°22: Group Show

12 January - 5 March 2022

Isabel Croxatto Galería welcomes 2022 with a new version of its classic Festín de Arte. The exhibition gathers recent artworks by its represented artists Carolina Muñoz, Cecilia Avendaño, Francisco Uzabeaga, Juvenal Barría, Paloma Castillo, Vicente Prieto Gaggero and Wladymir Bernechea together with guest artist Andreas von Gehr, and the first showing in Chile of the new sculptural production by the Chilean artist based in California, Víctor Castillo.


Festín de Arte is a cycle of group shows held periodically since 2012 and curated by gallery director Isabel Croxatto, which opens dialogues between the artist, the artwork and the audience. This Festín will be an opportunity to meet again and discuss art in a relaxed space and on a personal scale during the summer evenings.


The exhibition will feature the debut in Chile of new works by renowned artist Víctor Castillo, including two large-scale paintings and his new sculptural production, the piece Come Play With Us. Also on view will be new pieces by artists Carolina Muñoz, Francisco Uzabeaga and Wladymir Bernechea (painting), Cecilia Avendaño (photography), Juvenal Barría (photoperformance), Paloma Castillo (embroidery) and Vicente Prieto Gaggero (sculpture). On this occasion, Festín de Arte will feature works by guest artist Andreas von Gehr from the Valparaíso Region, who combines South American social satire and politics with Disney aesthetics through a series of paintings.