Andreas von Gehr Chilean, b. 1972

Andreas von Gehr is a visual artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the ARCIS University in Santiago.


His work focuses on the investigation of the image and its use as a medium to represent the social and political context that surrounds him, drawing inspiration from contemporary Chilean history as well as the political upheavals of recent years, where the media play a decisive role in both informing and misleading.


Appealing to the collective imaginary through pop iconographies recognisable to all generations, such as classic Disney characters, the artist creates social and political allegories around the historical events in Chile and Latin America and the geopolitical influence of the United States on them, seeking to strike a chord with the cumulative discontent of the repressive and systematic external behaviour towards the continent.


Andreas von Gehr's work has been recognised both in Chile and abroad, including the Philips Art Prize for Young Talents (Chile), the Showartists Award at GZ-Basel (Switzerland) and the International Artists Wanted Award (USA), as well as his participation as Chilean representative at the Osaka Triennial (Japan) and solo and group exhibitions in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the United States and Spain.


Andreas von Gehr lives and works between Santiago and Concón, Valparaíso Region, Chile.