El Mundo Al Instante N°1: Group Show

8 - 25 January 2020

Isabel Croxatto Galería presents El Mundo Al Instante N°1 [The World In An Instant N°1], group show that proposes a visual dialogue through the artworks of 34 artists upon the contingency Chile has lived since the 18 October social outburst. 

Chile lives complex times. The social demands and mobilisations that have occurred since 18 October make us rethink both our idea of country and our own practices. Every day, through the media and social networks, we can see that these processes are not exclusive to Chile, and that they are happening in different places in Latin America and the rest of the world. 

El Mundo al Instante is our new cycle of group shows, open to the gallery’s and invited artists, bringing together pieces that discuss how creators from different disciplines and backgrounds see and experience the process of transformation, focusing in world current events. In this first edition, the exhibition seeks to take a “snapshot” at the current moment in Chile, gathering earlier works that are re-signified in the country’s current context, and works that are being created in the midst of the outburst. 

It's in this context that in December 2019, Isabel Croxatto Galería made its first open call for El Mundo Al Instante, receiving over 130 entries in five days from Chilean and foreign artists. The final selection was made by Isabel Croxatto, founder and director of the gallery; Elisa Massardo, editor of Arte Al Límite magazine; and José Manuel Díaz, Chilean collector. 

El Mundo Al Instante N°1 gathered pieces by 34 artists of diverse careers, from emerging to established artists, including painting, photography, new media, installation and textile art.


Artists: Andrea Barrios | Andrea Breinbauer | Andrés Vial | Aune Ainson | Bastián Aguirre | Carlo Maccheroni | Carlos Gallardo | Carolina Muñoz | Cecilia Avendaño | Chiachio & Giannone | Christel Vega | Cocó Caballero | Cristián Velasco | Débora Caro | Diego Romo | Fernanda Núñez | Fernando Balmaceda | Germán Tagle | Gimena Castellón-Arrieta | Héctor León | Ignacio Lara | Johans Peñaloza | Jonathan Ramírez | Jorge González Lohse | Juvenal Barría | Loreto Carmona | Paloma Castillo | Pangui | Paula Ceroni | Sebastián Leal | Valentina Bravo | Víctor Castillo | WALKA | Zine Because It’s Not Fun.