Carolina Muñoz, Cecilia Avendaño and Paloma Castillo featured in group show in Madrid

News | Madrid, Spain

Our represented artists Carolina Muñoz, Cecilia Avendaño and Paloma Castillo take part in the group show Comité, an exhibition with which Galería Nueva opens its new space located in the district of Las Letras in Madrid, from 15 December.


Comité shows the diverse aesthetics, plastic and visual interests of the members of Galería Nueva's selection committee. This committee is composed of a group of collectors and art professionals who select the galleries and projects that want to be temporarily housed in Madrid, both in Galería Nueva's headquarters in Doctor Fourquet and the new space in Las Letras.


The pieces in the exhibition cover the fields of sculpture, photography, painting and installation.


The attitudes of Carolina Muñoz's characters owe little to naturalism. Their bodies seem to follow an anomalous pose, a deformation resulting from the hybridisation of characters from what the late-modern tradition distinguishes between high and low culture. Everyday life resembles art, and the characters created by the artist behave as people do today in front of the camera. Her figures are children of social media. The artist revisits images from Instagram and other platforms in which different communities make their intimacy visible to the public gaze. Far from naturalism, these figures appear dissolved by ridiculous or theatrically mannered poses, as if the presence of a camera's eye made any naturalness impossible - and undesirable. In their intricate play of references and quotes, these works by Carolina Muñoz assert with humour and virtuosity an artistic investigation that mixes characters, forms, references to popular culture and stories.


In Enfermedades Preciosas, Cecilia Avendaño takes photographic and digital techniques to a particularly neat level, a five-year investigation into the construction of female characters resulting from a mixture of features: noses, mouths and eyes meticulously processed and dealing with the theme of illness from different angles. In the process, the artist worked in collaboration with psychologists, botanists, designers, critics and architects with whom she met several times to give shape to this project.


Paloma Castillo's production is based on textiles and the art of embroidery, developing issues that cut across technology, myth, modernity and social conflict. Her production proposes to the spectator a return to the analogue object and a reflection on manual work, in a hyper-technified context in which the artisanal seems to have been banished.


The participation of Carolina Muñoz, Cecilia Avendaño and Paloma Castillo in the exhibition follows their presence in the fair Obertura Carabanchel with Isabel Croxatto Galería last September, and the exhibitions La Tierra Prometida by Coco González Lohse and Ensamblajes Territoriales by Johans Peñaloza in Galería Nueva in June.


This new space in the neighbourhood of Las Letras is a collaboration between Daniel Silvo, director of Galería Nueva, and Alexia Mossay, who will be in charge of the management of Galería Nueva's second venue. Since January 2020, Galería Nueva has offered its headquarters in Doctor Fourquet to galleries such as SET Espai d'Art (Valencia), Prometeo Gallery (Milan), Isabel Croxatto (Santiago, Chile), Pigment (Barcelona) and Division of Labour (Worcester, UK), among many others. Twice a year the selection committee of Galería Nueva meets to decide, from among the dozens of applications, which projects will complete the exhibition calendar of Galería Nueva. From now on, galleries and initiatives from outside Madrid will find a second space in which to exhibit their artists.


From 15 December 2021 to 15 January 2022
Artists: Liza Ambrossio, Cecilia Avendaño, Paloma Castillo, Magdalena Correa, Maï Diallo, Íñigo Flores, FOD, Marta Galindo, Guillermo García-Cruz, Elena Gual, Carlos Klett, Pablo Maojo, Andy Medina, Carolina Muñoz, Ignacio Navas, Luis Palmero, Concha Pérez, Samuel Ramiro and Olimpia Velasco.


Galería Nueva Las Letras

C/ San Agustín 14, 28014 Madrid. Spain.

14 December 2021
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