Cristina Coll Argentinean, b. 1956

Cristina Coll is a visual and cross-disciplinary artist, with her work transiting through painting, drawing, action, photo and video performance.

Cristina has been a finalist (2011, 2015) and received an honourable mention (2009) at the Federico Klemm Foundation Prize in Argentina, and participated in the National Visual Arts Salon through collaborations with prominent Argentinean artists, such as the Guerrilla Girls, among other distinctions. She has exhibited at the Museo Sívori, Museo del Objeto Contemporáneo, Lebensohn Foundation, and Galería Pasaje 17, in Buenos Aires; and at the Universidad de Rosario Centre for Art and Contemporaneity, in Rosario, Argentina.

'I'm a visual artist and, as people say... I perform. I used to believe that performance was somewhere between ritual, play and theatre. Today, I think it's NOT, and even less in BETWEEN. I would say, and with some certainty, that ritual, play and theatre are performative. Performance is in politics, in sport, in art. We work hard to stage important roles: senator, movie star, king, lottery winner, actor. I would say then, become another to be ME.

'Performances operate as vital acts of transference by transmitting social knowledge, memory, and a sense of identity through repeated actions, or what Richard Schechner calls "twice behaved-behaviour". As a performance artist, I parody, with humour and irony, and through representation, these repeated actions of our humanity. I am the subject of my own work. This is the work, and this is me', Cristina explains.

Cristina Coll lives and works in Buenos Aires.