Axel Ríos Chilean, b. 1981

Axel Ríos is a visual artist and designer, Master in Industrial Design by the Universidad Tecnológica Metropolitana de Chile.

Mr Ríos’ interest in painting started at an early age, and was further developed while he studied Design at the Universidad Tecnologica Metropolitana in Santiago. There, he excelled as a student in subjects such as Composition, Drawing, and Art History. This set off a self-taught exploration into new materials and forms of artistic expression.

In 2006, Mr Ríos left Chile and settled in Norway. While learning Norwegian and working at Circus Studio in Bergen with noted furniture designer Steinar Hindenes, he was also able to produce a series of oil and tempera paintings. These pieces germinated small individual exhibitions that led him to take up painting as a full-time job.

Mr Ríos moved to Oslo in 2008 and met students and graduates from the Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo (National Academy of the Arts), sharing collective workshops, studios and exhibitions, but without enrolling in the academy. From then onwards, his work has been rooted in studio activity, following a self-taught process, studying techniques, and participating in new projects in order to generate new exhibitions.

His work has led him to show his work in different parts of the world, including Chile, Spain, and Norway.

Axel Ríos lives and works in Haugesund, Norway.